Bio-Fuels are bad part 3: Ethanol

ethanol is bad

In addition to causing more green house emissions in the process of creating ethanol from corn and not getting better gas mileage, apparently ethanol causes expensive damage to engines, the fuel pump in particular.  Which makes perfect sense considering that alcohol can be corrosive to plastic and rubber.

So when you see a picture of corn on the side of the gas pump, it’s a bad sign.

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5 Responses

  1. dude……. ethanol isnt bad. they dont cause green house emmisions first of all, and u get WAY better gas mileage especially. Check up on ur facts b4 u write. Maybe the messin up ur engine is true but that i dont know about.

  2. I guess Business Week is full of it and doesn’t check it’s facts either…
    foolish comments demand short replies

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  4. this information is completely false and the ideas put in the publishers head was but in by oil companies and their lobies

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