Top 50 Environmental Engineering Blogs

GROG is on this LIST at number 13 as an “Industry Insider”

They even wrote a little summery:

“GROG: green tech blog The main focus of this blog is Green Technology. Get reviews of the newest developments in sustainable design and renewable energy, and certain technologies that will promote energy independence and a cleaner environment.”

The list is a resource for engineering students and has a lot of good blogs on it.


LED part two

A while back I wrote a post on how LEDs might suck because my personal experience with them has been bad.

Well I’ve done the research and it seems clear that all lighting will eventually be LED lighting.  My father just built a house lighted entirely with LEDs and his electric bill is ridiculously low. The problem at the moment is that there are a lot of poor quality LEDs coming out of places like China.

It is also very difficult to tell quality from crap just by looking so I would go by price. An LED bulb with room lighting capabilities will be about 3-4 dollars apeice.   The investement is worth it for the lower electric bill plus you won’t have to change bulbs for more than ten years.

I reccomend Cree Lighting Products, particularly their xlamp series.

Edison’s incandescent bulbs take standard 60 watts

Compact flouesent take maybe half that about 20-30 watts

For the same amout of white light emitted (lumens) an LED takes 5-10 watts


What are China’s Priorities?

There is somewhat of a standoff going on between all the countries in the world over this cap and trade emissions idea.  Most notably is the US and China as we account for 40% of the world’s carbon emissions.

So what happens if we cap our emissions and China does not?

First we should look at what China wants because this is a hard thing to pin down.  It seems clear that the people in charge in China do not put the same value on human life or quality of life.  It follows that they could really care less about the environment or it’s inhabitants and wouldn’t pursue alternative energy on the grounds it poisons the planet.

China does want to be THE new superpower in the world and if they are clever they will have figured out that long term growth will inevitably require alternative energy infrastructure.  China already has some alternative energy initiatives in place.

if we cap and they don’t we could put carbon tariffs in place but that might just lead to a large black market…

So until peak oil declines and coal reserves run out, China won’t actually cap emissions because it is a short term economic restriction. They will invest in alternative energy but like everyone else they will use fossil fuels to the bottom of the barrel.

Of course we might be told that they have capped emissions but like most regulations in China, they will go unenforced.

garbage river

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