Earth Hour 2009: seeing at night

Here in Los Angeles I couldn’t tell that anyone had turned their lights off but HERE are some great pictures.

I would be interested to know if anyone saw the stars?



Gas Hydrate solid methane


collected from the bottom of the ocean. vast amounts. Why can’t drill for it like we do for oil?

Those were the questions I had about the large amount of natural gas trapped mostly on the bottom of the ocean by the pressure and cold temperatures. One obsticle with drilling is the extreme depths…not like offshore oil drilling which is done in relatively shallow waters.

Gas hydrates are crystalline solids consisting of gas molecules, usually methane, each surrounded by a cage of water molecules.  Gas hydrate looks and acts like ice, but it contains vast amounts of methane.

The real problem with considering this as a fuel source is the fuel would be Methane. Methane is a Greenhouse gas and when it is burned for fuel it produces Carbon Dioxide.   Taking the Hydrate out would also destabilize the sea floor and cause giant Tsunamis. So let’s not spend a lot of time and money on this kind of pipe dream.

Turtle in commercial fishing net

Turtle in net by Carlos Villoch from Spain


I don’t know where this was taken but there are very simple contraptions that can be attached to a fishing net that will filter out the turtles.

The thing about logging


Logging as practiced by Americans and Canadians in places like New England and the Pacific Northwest is done right.  The trees they currently harvest were planted by loggers fifty to a hundred years ago and they will plants new trees after they cut old ones down.

I don’t think cutting down boreal forest is acceptable anymore.  Old growth forest ecosystems are not adapted to periodic harvest and are destroyed. With little regulations, no new trees are planted and the land can turn to desert.

Trees that are several hundred years old are giant carbon capture machines and we are using them as toilet paper.

Recycling Computers in India

What happens to your E-Waste?

…all kinds of wrong here

Dividing up the Arctic Oil

There are many issues concerning what used to be the great white north.  As global warming advances more and more of the arctic will become land without glaciers on top.  This means that the environment will change drastically, essentially a new ecosystem is being born and life will colonize the new land.  How much of that new life will be human remains to be seen.

All Countries bordering the arctic will lay claim to some portion but clearly this will mainly be a battle between the US and Russia.  Both nations will take advantage of the vast untapped oil fields currently trapped under miles of ice.

Territorial disputes may lead to military conflict as some russian newspapers are preparing for but whoever ends up with the land, what they do with it will have a huge impact.

Oil spotted wasteland or refuge for the displaced creatures of the world?


Kite Power


So I will have to do some more research on the physics of wind generation but I was under the impression that the capture of wind was perfected by sailors in the last few centuries.  Who says windmills as they are designed today is the best way to harness the wind’s energy?

We are about to put some significant investment into wind energy and I wonder if it really is the best way or just tradition.

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