Green Walls For Energy Saving

Green Walls for Energy Saving

Edmonton Int. Airport, Edmonton, Alberta

The idea of creating a green wall may not be new, after all people have been growing ivy and other vines on their homes for centuries, but a Canadian company, Green Over Grey has brought the concept to new heights.

With modern techniques and hydroponic planting, the company is able to install huge living walls on the sides of cooperate buildings. These walls include a wide variety of plants and weigh far less than any other planting method like this.

Another advantage to Green Over Grey’ s technique is that the plants are irrigated in a way that not only keeps them alive but is not wasteful. The plants can be designed in a variety of styles and each installation is individualized to the climate and the customer’s needs.

Businesses that use this living wall technology also receive LEED benefits, a decrease of up to 20% in their electricity costs, and benefits to employees such as increased air quality and a reduction in noise pollution.

It is not only businesses that can benefit from these living walls. Individuals can also have living walls, called vertical gardens, installed inside or outside their homes. From bringing life into the house to giving new life to your house, these installations are easy to maintain and stay green year-round.

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Steel Insulated Panels


My father is building a house in Mass out of steel. The walls are made of super insulated steel panels supported by a steel fram and jointed with foam.

He was a little delayed in getting the heating system going but apparently all he need is four space heaters to heat a five thousand suare foot house to 60 degrres while it is -2 F outside.

This was amazing to me because I used to spend enormous amounts of money on oil heat and space heaters and I was still not that warm. 

Here is some general info about these panels: PATH Case Study

Here is the blog on the steel house: Strategy to Design

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