My name is Alex and I am interested in the future of life. Ad Inquiries, private comments etc.


To date this website is non-profit out of necessity not inclination.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Alex,

    I just came across your site. I am in the process of developing a similar site; however, it is more of a professional association site. It is not complete yet.. most of the banners and links are not up yet.

    I would like to have links to relevant on-line articles like your site. Just wondering if you had to get permission from the news site that you link to. Thanks,


  2. Hello,

    My name is Lawrence Henderson and I run a business selling energy saving home appliances. Since childhood, nature and its various aspects have fascinated me.

    As I grew older, I realized how energy conservation can help protect the environment. Hence I decided to do my bit by starting this present business of mine, where I not only get to make money but also contribute in a small way to a cause I believe in.

    In my free time, I like sharing my thoughts, ideas and views about things that are a passion, internet gives me an ideal platform to do so.

    My purpose of getting in touch with you today was so that I could interest you in featuring an article of mine as I feel your website would help me connect with a really large audience.

    Here are some ideas that you might like:

    1) Tips on saving energy as a family

    2) Why saving energy is so important for the environment

    3) Use your home appliances wisely and save money

    4) Things to keep in mind when choosing an energy provider

    5) Making sense of different energy products

    6) 5 most apparent effects of energy saving on environment

    7) How you can do your bit to reduce greenhouse gases

    8) Suggestions for choosing an energy plan that best suits you

    I would be glad to write on any of the above topics and am also open to any ideas of suggestions that you might have. Lastly, I am willing to part with $50 for your efforts in publishing my article, as I think it would be a sound investment.

    Hope your reply is in the positive.



    • Well I would have preferred an email but yes I do accept guest articles. Articles on how to save energy, however, are not usually accepted because the content amounts to common sense. All I ask is something unique and interesting.

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