LED part two

A while back I wrote a post on how LEDs might suck because my personal experience with them has been bad.

Well I’ve done the research and it seems clear that all lighting will eventually be LED lighting.  My father just built a house lighted entirely with LEDs and his electric bill is ridiculously low. The problem at the moment is that there are a lot of poor quality LEDs coming out of places like China.

It is also very difficult to tell quality from crap just by looking so I would go by price. An LED bulb with room lighting capabilities will be about 3-4 dollars apeice.   The investement is worth it for the lower electric bill plus you won’t have to change bulbs for more than ten years.

I reccomend Cree Lighting Products, particularly their xlamp series.

Edison’s incandescent bulbs take standard 60 watts

Compact flouesent take maybe half that about 20-30 watts

For the same amout of white light emitted (lumens) an LED takes 5-10 watts



7 Responses

  1. Can I buy these at target?! If not wtf are they waiting for??

  2. $3-4 ??? I have been paying $10 and up per screw-base bulb, and all have burned out within 1 year.
    This is technology that still needs to mature a bit.

  3. من فارسی زبان هستم می خواستم اطلاعات بیشتری از استفاده led در صنایع روشنایی ساختمان بدست اورم

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  5. Love this article! There is so much misinformation out there about LED. CREE are very good. Also what is important is to pick LED’s with heavy gauge all metal design and not cheap plastic that most budget stores carry. Also keep in mind that LED’s can’t be used with dimmer switches (if you want them to dim). If your don’t care about dimming your lights then go ahead and use them.

    Here is a great place to find LED lights:


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