Managed relocation of endangered wildlife

usa elephants

This is a debate that has become more relevant as more and more people get freaked out about all the species that are being killed indirectly by people.

I say why not?

If Asian elephants are being poached or if most of china’s air and water is fairly poisonous, send them to South Dakota. Nature is nothing if not adaptable though it does seem impossible to predict what would happen, some cases of invasive species are quite nasty.

We killed a lot of animals in this country, Teddy Roosevelt shot one of each and put them in the Smithsonian and way before that Native Americans killed all the animals of any large size in North and South America.  Now we have a lot of empty spaces that are devoid of large animals and since grazing generally improves the quality of the ecosystem over time, it could be beneficial to the American landscape as well as to the animals.



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