Multi-directional wind turbines for the home. Vertical Axis Wind Turbine VAWT

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines VAWT.  These have been around for a while but no one design or company has really taken off.

The most efficient ones are generally shaped like a helix so that it spins no matter what direction the wind is blowing.  One significant problem with the standard large windmill design is they only work well if the wind is blowing hard and steadily in one direction.  There are places with those conditions but they are not exactly abundant.

The VAWT work on a different kind of wind. They could be effective on a small scale and could be owned privately like solar panels.  The other probably more untactful use would be to put them on the top and sides of skyscrapers.

As anyone who has stood on a NYC rooftop can tell you, the wind coming up from the street is srong and constant so attaching turbines could ease the electric demand where it is most needed.


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  1. This is good technology. It is a bit ugly for use on a NYC skyscrapper (you know that argument is coming!) But for localized use, this seems like a promising idea.

  2. yeah some people are consciously blind to progress

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  5. Good picture wit motorway!

  6. we are a development company en Mexico City, Currently we are developing a middle-class residential complex of 350 apartments in 5 towers of 15 storey each in the north-west of the city and our intention is to install on the roofs of each tower generators of vertical axis turbine that can supply the consumption of electric energy of the common areas in each tower, for that is needed to generate 459,276 Wats day or 459.276 Kva day, are this possible with yours vertical axis wind turbine?

    Measurements of winds recorded a constant average minimum speed to the year of 3 m/s with maximum speeds of 19 m/s

  7. Well, That is a fail on the last picture, not only because it is horizontal not vertical, but also because they left the middle part of the beam in which is obviously stupid.

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