Solaren and Pacific Gas and Electric take on Space based Solar Power

These two companies are implementing the proven along with some mysterious new technology to make Space based Solar economically feasible.  I wrote a post a while ago about this subject and now with a serious commitment (albeit without the space elevator), I’m very excited to see how well it works.  Have to wait until 2016 though unless California politicians decide to fast track the necessary approvals.

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2 Responses

  1. now THIS is exciting… does the study show how much electricty this creates when compared to convention methods?

  2. The Pentagon said in 2007 that the technology was there but it wasn’t cost effective. I don’t know what new technology is being used to make the project feasible.

    The sunlight in space is many many times stronger than on earth due mainly to lack of atmospheric and magnetic interference, plus it shines 24/7

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