Space Based Solar Power and Microwave transmission

A company called Space Energy Inc. has plans to collect solar enery in space and beam it back down to earth via microwave radiation.  They are currently trying to secure more funding for a prototype to prove the concept works.

In theory this is something that can be done.  We know the physics of the sun’s radiation and have been able to convert and transmit the energy from the radiation for some time.  You may have seen that I am a huge proponent of Space based Solar and Orbiting Solar Arrays.

We should understand, however, that this is a very long term goal.  Space energy inc does say that this energy supply will only become cost effective as the world’s fossil fuels run out and the prices go up. As such it may be difficult to raise the appropriate amount of investment because people generally want to see a return in their lifetime.  It may be up to far thinking governments to shoulder the development costs.

The basic technology has been around since the sixties but it will take some serious commitment to make this a valuable alternative energy.


Space Energy Inc.


4 Responses

  1. dude… this blog is VERY awesome!

    I like the idea of this space solar panal concept. Anything but clean coal and nuclear power. However I think the end is near for the fossile fuel industry, which is why they are fighting like hell to block progress on green tech. in a decade or so, I’d expect this type of energy source to undergo some serious development. May even be a new method of space propulsion?? solar rays are everywhere after all…

  2. even if industrialized nations abandoned fossil fuels for some reason, developing nations would continue to use those fuels because its cheap proven and easy.

    in the US we have many decades of full force coal burning that is inevitable

  3. Cosmic rays and solar wind miglht be aproblem. Regarding the former if the satellite was opposite the shadow of the moon or the Earth there would be some protection.

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